The monthly box that follows the full eyeshadow palette is always disappointing, no matter what products we get. I’m not saying I’m going to cancel my subscription (I wouldn’t even think of it) I just have to remind myself that I’m getting all these products for $21 and I shouldn’t be greedy. I think the nail wraps are my favorite item from this month’s box because I’ve seen a few people put them on their polished nails and I’ve never thought to do that.

Oh! Before I forget. That Cargo blush/bronzer? A few people were commenting to question if I got an “oops box” (one commented with a *side eye* which I think is hilarious) but I did not get an “oops box”. A few weeks ago, an email went out to Boxycharm subscribers who were unable to log into the updated website. The email told folks to click links, change passwords and update credit card info and the email stated that if this was done within a certain time frame, a “bonus item” would be added to their next Boxycharm. So, I think that’s what happened. I think. Don’t forget to watch the video below!


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