FAKING BIG LIPS // Desi Perkins

I’m completely obsessed with beauty gurus on Snapchat. It’s a problem. I love their soothing voices and how they’re secretly really funny and I don’t know… watching their snapchats makes me feel like I’m sitting with the cool kids. Okay, that last part was a possible stretch. Or maybe it wasn’t. But when I hear Lustrelux saying “Heyyyyyyy. Zoooooooe.” I laugh like I’m in on the joke. Is there even a joke? I don’t know, but we’re best friends. That’s what I’m trying to say.

And now it’s Fall. As I sit here and type this, I can’t breathe. The air is crisp which means the seasons are changing which means my face feels like it got hit with a bat. And that can only mean one thing. SCARVES. And PSL’s, but I don’t drink that shit. Vampy lips anyone? I mean, they compliment scarves so perfectly… so, yes. I just so happened to see an older video that Desi did where she over drew her lips but in a non offensive way. Naturally, I wanted to over draw my lips in a non offensive way too. Cue the YouTube video!



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