Sometime I simply like a post and other times I reblog it. I have now rhyme or reason to this. What makes me reblog something compared to just liking it? Is it because a double tap is so much easier than holding down the reblog button on my phone? Am I really that lazy?

This is where my brain is.

I could literally think of hundreds of things I should be doing instead of writing this blog and analyzing my tumblr habits. Ooh, I should make a video of all the things I should be doing. I might film that right now. Good thought, self.

ANYWAY. I have “liked” 6,000 photos on tumblr. That is oboxious. I wonder if there’s a way to tell when I started my account. I’m going to check on that right now.

Okay, I’m back. Turns out, you can’t see when you opened your account, or maybe you can and I didn’t find it… but I found something just as good, so I’m content. I found my archive which showed me the very first post I made. It’s a photograph of myself. Go figure.

January 29, 2010. That was almost 6 years ago! I’m so old. Is 32 years old, old?

Back to the 6,000 “liked” photos. They’re just sitting there in my “liked” folder and I can think of nothing else better to do than sort through them. I’ll post some to Pinterest, I’ll “unlike” the ones that I don’t actually like, and I’ll reblog the ones that are awesome. Which leads me to this morning and the point of this blog post. I think. I opened my tumblr and realized that the photos I had moved from the “like” to “reblog” category told a story. A story of when I learned that YouTube wasn’t just a place to listen to your favorite tune from that artist from the 90’s that everyone forgot about or a place to figure out how-to do something or a place to watch a funny clip of a movie you almost forgot about. The photos I had reblogged were from artists that I had found on YouTube that were making truly beautiful work. They were bringing photographs to life by way of videos and they were so good with their daily vlogs, that they inspired me to pick up my camera in a whole new way.

Yes, I make “beauty” videos and “funny” videos and the occasional vlog.

But their edits, their point of views, their drive to make… something. It was really inspiring.

When I opened my tumblr this morning, I was taken back to my days of sitting in a cubicle, rotting away. Watching youtube video after youtube videos until the clock hit 5pm and I could finally leave the building and sit in traffic for a half an hour. Until I quit. A lot has changed for me this year and these photos bring me back to when my dreaded daily life was coming to an end. They’re gorgeous images, which makes my tumblr look incredible. That’s nice.


I wish I was a better writer. I don’t even know what I wrote, I was just typing as the thoughts came. I should probably just stick to reblogging other people’s beautiful images.


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