I got my hair cut off and I dyed it purple.

Well, I tried to dye it purple. Turns out that putting semi permanent dye over red hair, will only make your hair a shade darker. I’m disappointed because I really wanted obnoxiously purple, purple hair. But science got in the way.

I still like it though.

This is what I looked like before the cut. Pay no mind to the warm tones of the photo. You get the point. Also, add me on snapchat: cw3283

This is what I looked like after she cut and curled it. She gave me magical beachy waves. She’s a hair magician.

This is what my new cut looks like after I dyed my hair “purple”.

This is a video of me talking about everything that happened. Watch it and you’ll get to see what the back of my hair and even the sides of my hair look like! Because I didn’t do a good job of showing it off in the images above.


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