I’ve been up in the air about whether or not to cancel Glossybox. I love Boxycharm, mostly because they’re full size products and I always use the items that come in the box. With Glossybox, the items are always so small and I’m left feeling like… what am I going to do with a sample size of aloe? But then again, if I actually went outside and saw sunlight, a little aloe would come in handy.

This month’s Glossybox is pretty fantastic though. I see myself using this nail polish because it really does remind me of “Cotton Candy” from when I was in high school and had acrylics. I would get my nails done at Tropical Nails in Folcroft and be there for what felt like hours, waiting for my polish to dry. Just to have my nail beds hurt so much for the next day that every small task brought so much pain.

Even the pencil liner is creamy and smooth and easily bendable. I’m stoked on that lip balm too, it’s already found it’s way into my purse. So while I love the full size products of Boxycharm, it’s nice to have a fun new product to throw in my purse and use until it’s actually empty.


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