Let’s be honest here. I was neglecting my hair BIG TIME. I hadn’t dyed it since… December. Gasp! I know. Don’t judge. The funniest part, people were complimenting my hair. Come on ladies, AS IF. It feels so good to have beautiful red hair again. Here’s a list of the products I used and a step by step YouTube tutorial on how I did it.

Necessities. I should have bought two packs of gloves. All I read was “2” and I thought it meant to pair. But whatever, my nails are ruined. Ruined!

I used protein filler last time. To be honest, I have no idea why I used it. It makes my hair really dry and I see no difference in my hair. Insert “LOL” here.

I went for straight up red this time. Last time [back in December] when I dyed my hair, I mixed red with magenta. What can I say, I like to live dangerously.

Okay, okay. So my hair feels damaged. I’m not a colorist, but I knew well enough to not put the bicolor highlights all the way to the ends of my hair. I went with semi permanent color instead. Look at me, being all careful and concerned about the well being of my hair cuticle. Cuticles? There is more than one hair on my head.

I literally just dumped half of the semi permanent color into this deep conditioner and then slathered it on my hair. I let it sit for a half hour. It was way easier than I thought it would be, but I really do wish I had an extra pair of gloves for applying it.

This product is HEAVEN SENT. Who knew you could lock color into your hair? I didn’t! I rinses out the deep conditioner and semi perm color mix and then I slathered this on my entire head. I put a shower cap back on and then let it sit for roughly 2 hours. When I rinsed it out, the water didn’t necessarily run clear but there was NO COLOR on my towel. Zero. Nothing. I’m in love with this product. If you color your hair ANY color, invest in this product. It really works!


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