Have I mentioned before how much I love Boxycharm? I have. I know I have. Some times there are months where the box is a little “meh” but then there’s month’s like April and the box just totally outdoes itself!

This Ofra product is SO PRETTY. A few girls got loose powders, a few people commented on my YouTube video and said they got lip liners but I got this highlighter slash eyeshadow slash gorgeous pot of shimmery goodness.

I spent TOO much money at IMATS. I bought Anastasia liquid lip glosses as if I could 1. afford it and 2. am a MUA that just HAD to have them. I’m neither, but I got them anyway. That being said, I don’t need anymore glosses. Until I swatched this. It’s the perfect glossy pink. It’s not highly pigmented and it’s not shimmery, which I love! It also has that cool mirror on the side.

I’m not a perfume wearer. I like this scent though. It’s clean and fresh and I reeeeeeally like the cute little packaging with the roller ball. A few boxes back we received another Harvey Prince product and it was a long tube with a spray top. I rarely ever wear that. And by rarely, I mean never.

I have yet to try this but I like the bottle and the pump. Dare I say it looks a little cheap? I wouldn’t have bought this in the store but since I now own it, I’ll try it. Eventually. I think it’s going to be one of those products that I’ll use in the summer after swimming and deep conditioning my hair. Speaking of which, should I go red again? Something on my head has to change soon. Maybe I’ll go to Sally’s today. Oh, girl… with that rambling though.

I don’t even know which product is my favorite. Okay, I’m lying. This Coastal Scents palette has GOT to be my favorite. Look at that berry color! I die. It swatches beautifully, the colors are nicely pigmented and with all the products in this month’s box, this palette was basically FREE.

This isn’t the first time Boxycharm has provided it’s subscribers with a massive palette either. The first Revealed palette was given to us a few months ago! I took a picture side by side so you can see all the color eyeshadows I now own, that were basically free. Thanks Boxycharm! (Bottom is Revealed, top is Revealed 2)


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