What is IMATS even? It’s the International Makeup Artists Trade Show. I had never heard of it before I started watching YouTube beauty gurus and they were flocking to the IMATS in Los Angeles. When I found out there was one in NY, I texted my cousin and we booked tickets right away. Unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets for Saturday, so we went up on Sunday. “Let’s get up and leave at 8am.” … Guess what time we woke up? 8:30! Once we got ready, ate some food and got to Trenton for the train, we finally got up to NYC around 1pm.

IMATS were held at Pier 94 right off 55th Street, on the West Side Highway. I just typed that so I would sound like I knew what I was talking about but in all honesty, I was a total tourist. NYC is huge and complicated and overwhelming and I just don’t feel a connection to it at all. It reminded me of our mutual dislike when I tried to enter the subway and the turnstile didn’t budge so I slammed both thighs into it at full speed. Who loves New York? Not me.

IMATS was fun though! Loud and very, very hot but fun! I don’t know who to girls (and guys) with the heels and caked makeup did it because I was sleeveless in sneaks with light coverage foundation and I was borderline miserable. I sported a backpack too which didn’t help. It added an extra 50lbs or so to my already heavy frame. Okay, self. Enough with the complaints!

NYX, Stila, Anastasia, Sigma, Dose of Color, LA Girls… we tried to hit all the booths except Morphe. Rumor has it that the line to wait was 2.5 hours long. The counters we did hit, I dropped some money at. So much so that I’m looking at this Capital One bill for March/April like… hahahaha “I’mma get you next month, boo.” Sigma didn’t have the 480 kabuki brush but I guess when Jaclyn Hill name drops at product, it doesn’t stay stocked for long. Also a now show were the pastel mascara’s from NYX. They had a few shades but not all. They were also only a few dollars but let’s get real, I never would have actually used them.

To see what I did buy and hear some stories about the day, click the video below! Make sure to thumbs it up and subscribe. And follow me on here! I post… sporadically.

In the back of my mind I reeeeeally wanted to see Casey Neistat. When he posted his daily vlog on Monday (for Sunday) he had ran the West Side Highway, through Central Park and ended up back in Chinatown. I was all of those places, roughly around the same time. Apparently the universe (and clearly NYC… grrrr) didn’t want my dreams to come true.

NYX Butter Lipstick Razzle Fiesta (or maybe it’s just Razzle?:
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt & Rust:
Stila One Step Corrector Primer:
Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown, Liquid Lipstick in party pink and also in the shade lovely:
(Their website was down when I tried to get the links, sorry!)
LA Girls HD Pro Conceal in light ivory:
LA Girls Glazed Lip Paint in blushing, tease & coy:
bdellium tools Pink Bambu 785 tapered blending brush:
bdellium tools Maestro 957 Precision Kabuki brush:
tarte Lipsurgence in glitzy:


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