Chances are you received flowers for Valentine’s Day. Even if you didn’t, there’s a good chance that eventually, someday (hopefully very soon) you’re going to receive a bouquet and they’re going to be gorgeous. But as we all know, there always comes a time when those flowers die. They were pulled from their roots and gashed with razors of some sort and placed in water with some powder from a small packet labeled “FOOD”… of course they’re going to die eventually. Doesn’t mean they’re not pretty though!

For this tutorial I used some regular sugar from Walmart, some coconut oil that I gently melted down to a liquid via the microwave and about half the petals from one rose head. Head? I don’t even know if that terminology is correct. One rose. That works.

I put everything into the Nutribullet, but I’m sure you can crush the petals by hand or by food processor or by stomping all over them because sometimes you receive flowers but within the time it took them to die the sender of said flowers broke your heart. It happens.

I had to tweak the amount as I was blending everything together. A little more coconut oil, a little more sugar. You’ll see what you need as you’re going along. My favorite part was when I was cleaning out the NutriBullet. The petals actually turned the water purple. I didn’t see that coming, so this was like a science experiment!

If you have any scrub recipes of your own, please comment here or on the video so I can try them too!


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