IT’S OVER! It’s actually just beginning…

Haven’t filmed in a while and I found this video archived in iMovie so I figured I should probably publish it. I busted out a couple of palettes and put some makeup on my face. RIVETING AND EXCITING THINGS HAPPENING HERE, EXCLUSIVELY.

ALSO! Today is Joe and my year & a half anniversary. We’re going to celebrate tonight by eating wings and a cheesesteak – otherwise known as a Couple’s Special (I’m not making this up) – and watching Sunday’s episode of Shameless. Hopefully. ALSO! Today marks the end of my first official week at my new job. My boss sat me down and told me I “hit it out of the park” and he said I fit right in. To top all that off, my YouTube channel (somehow, it’s a miracle) has almost 600 subscribers. How?! Well, it’s probably because of my Boxycharm videos. I’m so happy!!! Today is a great day! Minus the fact that Sammie pee’d in the basement and I had to clean it up on my lunch break. Did I mention I spend my lunch breaks at home now? Eating leftovers. Not spending money. It’s glorious.

Oh yeah, here’s the makeup video I was talking about.


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