Taylor Hospital May Fair

I grew up in Folcroft, less than a mile from where I currently live. The street I grew up on was a bit of a cul de sac so our street was ideal for football and baseball games. I vaguely remember one winter when the street iced over and people went skating, but that might have been a dream.

I recently joined the very active Delco Memories Facebook group. This morning a post was made asking everyone’s favorite fair and mine was the May Fair at Taylor Hospital. I was shocked to see people commenting with the same answer, especially since most people I talk to don’t even remember it.

That’s my Dad, me and my cousin Jeff

I was so young when we used to go. I remember hating the large, yellow, plastic covers for all the wires because I would trip over them. I loved getting snow cones and funnel cake. My Aunt would also help at the face painting booth so that was another favorite of mine.

My favorite ride was the Scrambler. My Dad would always try and sit me on the inside so I would get squished while the ride was moving. I wish I could remember more. I think there was a dunk tank, and I always thought that was so funny. I don’t think they have the May Fair anymore, which is a shame. It really was a great fair and we would go every year.

I pass carnivals now and then and I still get excited for them and I always want to go and walk around but they never seem to have the charm that the May Fair did.


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