In a constant chaos of kitchen renovation plans, YouTube video ideas, clothing items that I just have to have but can’t afford and I’ll die if I forget about them, makeup that I don’t already own, products that I want to try and decorative ideas for the house that I can only do if it doesn’t break the bank, it’s nice to have Pinterest to keep it all in order.

This blog has become a catch all for the YouTube content I’ve created and I’d like to get back to the roots of why I created this in the first place. I wanted a blog where I could talk about and post about anything and everything. Not just my videos. So, let’s try something new. Let’s try a weekly update to features some of the Things I’ve Pinned.

The current boots I have are two years old. They’re Steve Madden and I bought them at Macy’s at the peak of my weight loss and honestly, I bought them because I was so thrilled that my wide calves actually fit in a knee-high boot. Fast forward to 2 years and 50 el-bee’s later… my calves are huge and my boots aren’t what they used to be. Solution? Booties. I found a pair from Rocket Dog but they were too expensive at $75, or so I thought. Now the Rocket Dog’s are out of stock and I was left having to start my search from scratch.

Caterpillar Casual Irenea from Zappos

The current bed in our guest room is a queen. It’s my old bed and frame from my apartment and it fits perfectly in the room. By perfect, I mean snug. The room is small but surprisingly, the queen fit like a glove. However, now the guest room is my closet/filming room/catch all space so needless to say it’s cramped. While brainstorming ideas on how to fix my seemingly non-existent problem, I thought of how a day bed would work a lot better than the current queen. Joe approved, but while out to dinner on Friday, my cousin’s boyfriend suggested a futon.

Essential Home Heritage Magazine Rack Futon with Coil Futon Mattress from KMart

Jaclyn Hill said this lipstick was amazeballs.

A Drugstore Miss: Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick

Kathleen Lights claims this is the most perfect lip liner color, ever.

JORDANA Easyliner For Lips – Tawny

Lastly, Joe and I spent New Years Eve with his friends. I was completely out of ideas on what to bring with us and found these and thought they were adorable. I opted to take the easy way out and had my Mom make her famous spicy pretzels, but these were so cute that I’ll have to make them next Christmas.

Grinch Kabobs Recipe


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