Holiday Outdoor Ambiance UPDATED!

My previous post Holiday Outdoor Ambiance (click the link!) showed off our outdoor Christmas lights but we weren’t sure how we felt about the LED icicle lights. They were more blue than warm and clear and it just didn’t sit well with us. So we changed it!

Joe ended up finding cheap [non-twinkle] icicle lights from Lowe’s. We replaced the lights on the awning above the porch and adding lights to the front awning. I can’t wait to come home everyday to be welcomed by this beautiful sight!

We also got a fairly cheap timer from kmart for about $12. It was well worth it because they turn on a few minutes before I get home from work and they turn off on their own so we don’t have to run outside before bed.

When I went out to get photos of the finished look, I decided to play around and snap some bokeh shots of the lights.

This is probably one of my favorite techniques in photography. It’s easy to do and it’s especially fun with tiny bulbs like Christmas lights.

It’s easy to achieve. Just switch off the auto focus setting on your hand held camera, blur the image and snap away! Not sure if this technique works on iPhones though, since they tend to refocus quick and easily.


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