Office Pranks!

Tis the season! … to prank your coworkers by wrapping their entire desk in holiday wrapping paper.

Now, I have to admit this was done a few years ago. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty epic. [Edit: I just checked the time stamp on flickr and it was 2008. I feel so old now.]

I was working a late shift and my coworker worked a day shift. I patiently waited for them to leave and it took me close to an hour to completely wrap their desk.

I used a full roll of wrapping paper!

My advice to you if you’re planning to pull this prank:
Make sure you’re prepared with a lot of tape.
Purchase your wrapping paper at the dollar store.
Be patient! Desk items aren’t the easiest thing to wrap.
Give yourself plenty of time and make sure the coast is clear!


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