Holiday Outdoor Ambiance

I have a whole new appreciation for folks who decorate their home for the holidays. Between the icicle lights (which are LED and don’t match the garland) and the garland which came in a box and needed to be “fluffed”, it took about an hour to hang just the small amount that we did.

I don’t like the icicle lights that we purchased. Actually, I’m not sure if I love them or hate them. They’re two different color lights and that bothers me.

The LED icicle lights are a bright, white blue. There’s a house up the street from me with two different color lights like this and I really think they’re decor is pretty. I’m hoping once we cover the front of the house, it’ll look a little better. If not, they’re going back to the store.

This pine cone and red bow piece on the corner was purchased at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. I unfortunately don’t have a link for that but it was $12.99 with 40% off. I bought two of the pine cones and two red bows.

I found a great deal at Bed Bath & Beyond on pre-lit garland.

6-Foot Pre-lit Christmas Garland (Set of 2) for $19.99 with a $5 off coupon. There was also a 20% off coupon a few weeks ago. I used that as well. I really liked this garland. It was sturdy and bendable, certainly didn’t feel cheap at all. I might go back and purchased more for the front of the house, as well as inside.

In order to hang them, I found these hooks at Walmart. A set of 4 was $1.97.

The ends of the garland didn’t attach so I had to hold them together using black zip ties. I clipped the extra off the ends of the zip ties and hid them by moving around the garland pieces.

Now we just have to find a good deal on a outdoor timer so we don’t have to keep going outside before bed to unplug them!


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