Christmas Came EARLY!

I shoot my YouTube videos on a Canon 7D and it’s kind of a nightmare. There isn’t a view finder and I’m always left with footage where I’m not in the frame. Nine times out of ten, I don’t figure this out until I’m sitting down to edit. In the area where I film, I literally have a humungous mirror behind my camera to assist with my set up. It doesn’t really help though, I still can’t see myself.

The Canon Rebel series has the T5i. It’s a beautiful camera with a flip around viewfinder and for just $599 on sale (cringe) it also allows for automatic focus when shooting in video mode. I neglected to mention earlier that my 7D also doesn’t auto focus. $600 for a camera to make videos for YouTube couldn’t be justified. In comes Cyber Deals. I should have been browsing the internet for gift ideas for everyone else, but of course I found myself on Best Buy’s website, in the Camera department, drooling over all the $150 off sales.

Then I found her; the Canon Rebel T3i. Originally $599, now on sale for just $449. While it doesn’t have auto focus in video mode, it’s a lighter camera than my 7D and it’s built with a flip around viewfinder so I can finally see myself when I’m filming! I immediately called my Mom and woke her up (11:14am on a Sunday… no judgement here) and we made a deal to split the cost. With 18 months no financing, I have plenty of time to pay off my half.

Look at how perfect!

I should also mention that along with the free shipping and $150 for Cyber Deals, the camera also came with a free carrying case and a free memory card. Such a great deal! Now, I just have to wait patiently until Christmas to open it because knowing my Mom, she’ll want to wrap it and put it under the tree.

Canon – EOS Rebel T3i from Best Buy

Edit: Mom and Joe offered to put money towards the purchase so I upgraded my order to the T5i. I’m going to take this time to add hashtag spoiled to the list below.


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