End Cards for the WIN!

Guys! Or… whoever reads this… if anyone reads this… I hope someone is reading this.

“You’re going to make YouTube videos. Like Jenna Marbles?” This is what I was confronted with when I started telling people I was making videos for the internet. No, I’m not making videos like Jenna Marbles. No one can make videos like Jenna Marbles, which is why she’s the queen of the internet. I just wanted to make videos. So, I did. Filming is a bit stressful because I’m still not comfortable in front of the camera in a room by myself talking to a camera as if it cares what I’m saying. But, I think I’m getting pretty good at editing.

In my vlogs, I take the time to cut footage to match the music of the song I’m using. In my tutorials I add background music and after much research and patience, I’ve figured out (for the most part) how to add it without drowning out my voice. Recently, I’ve learned about End Cards.

An end card appears at the end of a video and it features your website information. You can also add clips of your last video or maybe your most popular video and you can add clickable links once the video is uploaded to YouTube.

Here’s an example I found after googling. (This isn’t the one I used)

This is very exciting for me though. I feel like my videos are looking more professional and the quality of my editing is improving. I hope it is anyways.

My latest video is on a look I did using a palette from a recent e.l.f. Haul. You can watch the haul video here: http://youtu.be/80uqnFq5Hxs I tried a new look with a darker, navy blue eye and focused the color in the inner corners of my eyes instead of the outer corner. Check out the video below and watch till the end to see the fancy, schmancy end card I made!


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