Atlantic City Vacation & Vlog

A vacation was much needed. We had gone away for a few days here and there throughout the year but we hadn’t taken a substantial amount of time off to really relax. There was a week available for me to take off and Joe’s schedule was flexible enough that he was able to put in to take off the same week. We had spent time at Harrah’s in Atlantic City before and we had been receiving promotional pamphlets in the mail that offered us complimentary rooms. It seemed perfect since we didn’t want too go far and we also didn’t want to spend too much money.

We left Sunday afternoon and were unknowingly booked in our room until Wednesday. Once down there, our comped room left us underwhelmed so we decided to upgrade to the Waterfront Tower for $60 a night. That being said, we left Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Laying around on our couch and watching Sons of Anarchy on our big screen seemed more appealing than spending more money on subpar food and a room that we only really upgraded to for the shower. Seriously, look at this shower…

(This wasn’t out room this time, but we stayed in the same tower with the same set up, just a different color scheme)

We took full advantage of having time off. Woke up early, ate breakfast, watched some tv, napped, ate some dinner and had a few drinks. It was a really great, much needed vacation. I vlogged a little but because we didn’t do much, the video is basically just our travels and a small amount of footage while we gambled and ate. Editing a vlog allows me to practice matching music to images and I like seeing the footage come together to tell a story.

Joe and I also filmed a YouTube tag – The Whisper Challenge. It’s when one person wears headphones and tries to guess what the other person is saying just by reading their lips. I received a lot of positive feedback on the video, so I hope if you’re reading this you watch the video too. Hopefully it makes you laugh!

The last one I put together is a very short (less that 1 minute) video of us jumping on the king size bed that was in our room. I slowed the footage down and edited it together to make it more interesting. I hope you enjoy that too!

Read my Yelp review on Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ here:


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