Happy Halloweenie

From the moment my eyes first saw this foam wig, I knew I needed it to be mine. I searched every Target near my house and struggled to find it in stock anywhere. For weeks, I searched. I found nothing. Until one day! I was out in the middle of nowhere (Downingtown) for a Fall Festival and I found two Targets close to where we were. The first had nothing. The red crab foam hat was torn, the shelves were empty, the scene was sad. But the next Target had it so I bought it and my life was complete!

I woke up early in the morning (see the sight for sore eyes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJZf8jfI7ZY) and the makeup took me a little over 45 minutes. I would have done some things different…like not using waterproof black eyeliner and going a little lighter with the liquid liner on my lids. But whatever, it looks awesome!

But one look wasn’t enough for me. After touching up my roots and giving my hair color a fresh boost, I wanted to create a look that made the red pop. I sat down with the Coastal Scents Pink Combo Kit I had purchased (by my lovely boyfriend) a few weeks earlier and started blending. Pink eyes, blending the hair line, adding white teeth that were later removed because they kept blending and I hated them. Blending till my arm hurt and I ended up with this; Dead & Dirty.

I hope whoever is reading this has a Happy Halloween. If you’re trick or treating, don’t eat all your candy in one night and don’t let your parents eat their favorite candy by telling you there was a hole in the wrapper. Especially if their favorite candy happens to be the same as yours. I’m looking at you, Mom. You owe me a few years worth of “fun size” Baby Ruth’s.


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