How does this thing work?

It’s been a full month since I last updated but I assure you, I’ve been busy.

I decided a little while ago that I was going to start a YouTube channel. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would upload but I became inspired after a slight obsession with makeup tutorials took over my life. I bought a Canon 7D what seems like a hundred million years ago and I never tried to use the video feature. Never. So I sat down at my desk with a pile of makeup and switched the camera to video mode. I don’t think I’ve switched it back to camera mode since. I absolutely love filming but I love editing more than anything. Chopping up snippets of footage, adding sound effects, choosing the perfect music. I’m in love. I’ve been filming everything from makeup tutorials, (which if I’m being honest, I find to be a bit boring), humorous skits and vlogs. Vlogs are my favorite, though I don’t get out much. I set a goal of doing a vlog every week for October and I’ve stuck with it even though it’s been a major pain in the ass at times. Today is 5th and final week of #VLOGtober. I’m a little sad. I might keep it going, I’ll just have to think of another name. How’s #noVLOG for November?

Click this link :: :: to see all the videos I’ve posted so far. I hope you like the work I’ve done and decide to subscribe to the channel. XOXO


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