How To Style A Bookcase

Styling a bookcase is more difficult than I thought it would be. Just throw your stuff on the shelves for storage, right? That’s a perfect solution unless you want the bookcase to look organized instead of cluttered. If you’re interested in how I styled my office bookcase, keep reading!


First, I separated the books I owned into keepers and books I was comfortable will selling or donating. Once separated, I took the keepers and organized them by size & shape, genre and spine color.

Some of the books were displayed horizontally with enough room to place an item on top of them.

Others were displayed both horizontally and vertically to add some visual interest.

Once all the books found a home on the bookcase shelves, I added pieces that meant something to me. It was important to me that these items were displayed on their own shelves, away from books.

No bookcase in my eyes would be complete without some pictures. While some framed photographs are leaning, some are flush against the back of the bookcase.

Lastly, I added items to fill in the holes. I placed pieces with interesting texture next to books and balanced this by pairing opposites, such as glass and wood.

Hope you enjoyed this and learned a thing or two. If you’re styling your own bookcase, please comment below!


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