Office Facelift – Update!

The entire project took two weeks. New floors, new trim, fresh paint, new furniture and a custom desk with Douglas fir wood.

In the last entry I made about the office, which can be found here, I left off with the floors being ripped up.

In the days that followed, we painted. The walls took two coats of Ralph Lauren’s Lancaster Blue. I found the color on Martha Stewart’s website: Superneutral Decorating Palettes and Projects. Martha Stewart put together a bunch of colors that she claimed could be used anywhere, on anything. I went to Lowe’s and ordered a couple samples of paint – Gray Horse, No. 2140-50 and Stonington Gray, No. HC-170 but nothing compared to the beauty of Lancaster Blue, No. UL34.

Joe cut the planks of Douglas fir to fit the space and I spent 5 days sanding, staining and coating them with polyurethane. Once the planks dried, Joe attached them to the drawer units that were purchases at Ikea. Sap is a problem. I was told by a guy at Lowe’s and several sources on the internet that adding a few coats of polyurethane would keep the boards from weeping sap however it didn’t help. Hopefully it will eventually stop but even after several coats of stain and polyurethane, the boards still weep sap in some spots. I just clean it with a little vinegar diluted in water.

The baseboard molding and door trim was ripped out and replaced with new wood that was painted with two coats of white. Laminate was used for the flooring in Driftwood Oak. In the opposite corner from the desk are two Ikea Billy bookcases in black-brown.

Link for everything used/purchased:

Paint color: Ralph Lauren’s Lancaster Blue UL34 purchased at $27 with $5 off coupon
Floors: Allen & Roth Driftwood Oak at $1.99/sq ft marked down to $38.73 a box (covers 24.49 sq ft)
Drawer Units for desk: Alex 9 Drawer Unit at $79.99 each
Corner piece for the desk: Trestle with shelf for $35
Bookcases: Billy bookcase in black-brown


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