Flashback Friday – Guest Room

This room was a mess. It was covered in wallpaper that had been painted over, wall to wall pink rugs and just a bunch of clutter. If you told me a year ago that this room would be what it is today, I would have a hard time believing you.



This project started out of boredom. I literally peeled a piece of wallpaper off the wall and it was way easier than I thought it would be. Since the wallpaper had been painted over, it was incredibly easy to remove. So I filled a bucket with warm soapy water and began removing sections. The bucket became messy so I used a spray bottle instead.

The wall that started it all.

After most of the furniture was taken out of the room, I painted the dresser while the hideous rugs were still down.

Once the dresser was done, the shabby chic theme kinda took over. I had visions of covering everything in lace and buying every mason jar ever created, but I had to keep in mind that dude-friends of ours would probably crash here in the future. We ripped out the rugs, took down the ceiling fan and painted the walls white to give the room a fresh feel. I wanted to try and make the room feel as big as possible and I really think that white helped achieve that. The wood floors will eventually be ripped up as well and be replaced with the laminate.


I cannot believe we fit all this furniture in this room, including a queen size bed. There was a twin in here before and that barely fit!

(Pay no attention to the mess of boxes on the bed)

Right now this room is like a catch-all. We’re doing a lot of projects in the rest of the house and I keep things in this room that will eventually be placed in other spaces.

Updated photo of the art on the wall. (I wish I had used this setting on all the photos, they’re all too warm)


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