Office facelift

Sayonara green rugs! This past weekend was spent at Lowe’s and Ikea picking out the perfect furniture and flooring to redo the office. Drawer units were purchased, Billy bookcases were bought and we finally picked a beautiful flooring for the entire house – after traveling to three different stores and making several phone calls. But in the end, the flooring was marked down! So really, can’t complain.

Except I do want to mention how bummed I am that we drove to the Northeast Philly Lowe’s on Friday, in the rain, just to find out they were closed. That wasn’t fun.

One of the many “before” shots.

Our guest room, filled with everything from the office.



He was all, “Wait till I’m done spackling to take pictures.” … But then I wouldn’t have this gem.

Back to the good stuff! The rugs are out and the disgusting, messy padding is gone. And before bed last night, my very manly boyfriend was able to rip up a majority of the hardwood floors in order to get them out for trash night.

Sammie is a little camera shy. She literally put her paw over her face when I took this.

I’ll have more updates when we paint and put the floors down, which should be this week!


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